How To Choose SEO Company In Malaysia

How To Choose SEO Company Malaysia ?

There are many SEO companies in Malaysia and most of them claim they are the best.. So which should you choose ? There are some criteria to consider before you choose SEO company in Malaysia

How Long Has The Company Been Established ?

It is important to learn the company background, and the first one is to learn how long the company has been established. If the Company is established more than 5 years but only has limited SEO cases’ references, then it may indicated that the company may not focus in this SEO business. It is normal for some IT companies, i.e. Web Design Company, Google Ads Resellers selling SEO as their secondary business.

What Will The SEO Company Do To Your Website ?

It is important to make sure that the SEO company won’t ruin your website by adopting “black hat” SEO, such as keyword staffing, spamming backlinks, cloaking, doorway page which are prohibited by Google SEO Starter Guide.

What Keywords Will They Propose ?

It is pointless to rank a keyword on 1st ranking but no one search for. For example, if you are selling corporate uniform, the keywords to be considered are “corporate uniform supplier” , “corporate uniform Malaysia” , “corporate uniform online store”, not some funny and long keywords such as “Super cheap corporate uniform in Jalan Ampang” , or “the best corporate uniform supplier in Petaling Jaya”

Any Successful SEO Cases For References ?

Ask the SEO company to show you some successful SEO cases for the companies they did. If possible, try to get the contact person of the SEO cases companies to verify is this a real case.

Any Money Back Guarantee If the Keywords Are Not Rank ?

This is the most important criteria to consider. SEO is not cheap, it could cost you RM 6,000 to RM 20,000, according to the market price of SEO in Malaysia. So to protect your consumer interest, and, if they are confident on their SEO skills, they shall able to provide you money back guarantee if your website is not ranked.


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