How to track ROI of Search Engine Marketing?

How to track the ROI of your Search Engine Marketing ?

Google Adwords is becoming popular nowadays, especially Google is no longer disclose the Search keywords statistic in Google Analytics for organic search result. (references : Google Analytics and SEO analysis ) In other words, you only know what keywords that your visitors typed and found you if you engage Google Adwords. If you don’t engage Google Adwords, it is hard to find what are the keywords that people typed and found your website in Google organic search result.

Although Google Adwords has the various feature to tell you what is the ROI , but sometime we need to go beyond that, for example ,

  • We want to track customers who originated from Google Adwords – at any point in time. Even customers who came from a Pay-Per-Click ad last month, but didn’t make a purchase until today.
  • We have advertised in other online advertising sources such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Promoted Tweet, Banner Ads and etc.. We want a tool that can easily consolidate these advertising sources and determine which sources are bringing you the best ROI.

If you are looking for the cross-sources tool that can help you analyse further on “customer” rather than just rigid statistic , here is the recommend one :