SEO Services

We have 2 type of SEO services package :


1. Pay-per-keyword : We will audit and analyze, choose the right keywords, and then implement on-page optimization and off page optimization for your website.  This process may take 3-6 months.  Once the keywords appear, we will charge per keywords appear on first page in search engines.

The fee is around vRM 150 /keyword /month


2. SEO Training and Consultation : We will provide SEO training and consultation for those prefer to do SEO inhouse. The training course involve the knowledge transfer of Search Engine Optimization as well as other tactics of internet marketing. We will also provide consultation on how to optimize your website to get more traffics.  This service is ideal for the company who own in-house web designer /web programmer and prefer to optimize the website by themselves. The whole SEO training and consultation will take 1-3 months.

The fee is around 5 figure amount which is more than ten thousands and above, depends on the complexity of the client’s website and requirements.